5 principles of excellence in customer service

Today we are going to talk about an extremely important subject: Thiago Avelino, sales head of INVENIS will talk about the 5 principles of excellence in customer service. 

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  1. What is customer service excellence?
  2. Principle of Energy and Empathy
  3. Principle of Transparency
  4. Customer Focus Principle
  5. Active Listening Principle
  6. Customer Success Principle

What is customer service excellence?

There is active service or passive service. Passive service is when you contact someone and someone receives this demand and deals with it.

In sales there is an active service, and in the end, selling is a service.

The development of this art leads to excellence in customer service.


Principle of Energy and Empathy

Excellent customer service starts with energy and empathy. Energy and empathy are one of the basic and most essential principles within care.

That’s because without energy you can’t actually share how willing you are to solve a problem. And all calls always seek to solve a problem.

Empathy is putting yourself in the other’s shoes because, first of all, you need to know what the other’s pain is and how you can help them to resolve that pain.

Principle of Transparency

Nobody likes obscure communication, lacking transparency. And what is it to be transparent?

For example, knowing how to say that you don’t know something is an example.

Due to past behavior, there is a stigma that sellers are unreliable.

Saying that they delivered something without being able to deliver it, that it had functionality without having it, that it could solve a problem and actually couldn’t, and the client found out that it wasn’t true and ended up canceling.

Thus, transparency is the second principle within this excellence in customer service because without it you don’t have it’s building trust with your prospect, with your lead, with your customer throughout a sales and service process.

Customer Focus Principle

And the next point after transparency is the principle of focus on the customer, that is, the center of the operation has to be the customer or the company.

The company was created to sell a product or service to specifically solve a pain and this pain usually belongs to the customer.

The customer is the center of our attention, our purpose, so from product development, sales, and customer success it all revolves around the customer.

The focus on the customer comes together with transparency because if a customer is not going to work for you, the sale must be closed.

The customer is not always right, but he always deserves our commitment.

This means that often when exposing a problem, the customer is not clear and objective to the point that he is right, but in fact he always deserves a more thorough and in-depth analysis so that we can identify the origin of this problem.

We need to get involved there using the first principle of energy and empathy and go deeper into the pain and client exposure.

Often something is beyond his knowledge and it is our role to have excellence in customer service.

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Active Listening Principle

The next principle is active listening. And what is active listening?

It’s that listening of the heart, in which we really empathize within the process.

It is actively listening to the customer, reflecting on their feedback, internalizing all the issues that bring some type of dissatisfaction or even suggestions for improvement that they have within the pain resolution service process itself.

And from that, build a more concrete and solid long-term relationship that is the objective of all companies.

So active listening comes very much in line with that because without listening you can’t assimilate.

If you don’t assimilate, you can’t understand customer feedback to evolve your sales area and company as a whole.


Customer Success Principle

And finally, following the 5 principles of excellence in customer service in the sales area, we can summarize all this regarding this last principle.

And it is the principle of customer success.

And now listing here the points of success with the customer:

  • Respond to your customer’s messages as quickly as possible (in today’s era of notification communication, a quick response is paramount.);
  • Don’t try to sell initially, but solve a problem;
  • Honor the commitments made;
  • Do not deselect scheduled meetings;

And 99% of all of this is always going to be perspiration, and only 1% of that is going to be inspiration. Excellence in customer service boils down to a lot of sweat, a lot of dedication to finally have a high level of service.

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