Best Email Templates For You To Sell 5 Times More

The cold mailing  is a different strategy of email marketing and has nothing to do with spam.

For example, he should never have an unsubscribe link because, in this type of strategy, the prospect needs to believe that the email was written exclusively for him.

What can be done to gain efficiency with this type of email is the use of templates, which should be done in a moderate manner. Personalization is the key to getting good results with cold mails.

The information used to build the personalization of this type of email must be actively obtained, that is, study the lead a little before sending your message.

Remember: your main objective should be to generate some value for the person reading, whether you are solving a problem they may be facing or making them aware of a common pain in the market.

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The importance of personalization in cold mails

You’ve probably noticed that, over time, the amount of emails you receive only increases.

A report by The Radicati Group shows that North American executives receive about 76 new messages a day and tend to send 122.

The expectation is that, by the end of 2019, these professionals will receive 100 new messages and send almost 200 new emails per day.

A lot, right? How are you going to stand out in this flood of emails?

Unfortunately you won’t find a magic formula to make a perfect personalization of your messages. Each market is unique and it is necessary to align the company’s culture with the value proposition and find the right time to talk to the prospect.

A recent report we generated using Reev’s own data clearly shows this trend towards greater personalization of cold mails. Some conclusions are:

  • Emails with a greater number of variables have a higher response and conversion rate than emails without variables and without personalization;
  • Semi-automatic emails are the second type of touchpoint that converts the most to cadence streams, with a higher rate than automatic streams.

It’s not hard to find many insights out there on how to do active prospecting. When a message is directed to someone and you use a referral from that person, the engagement rates are higher.

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Therefore, the best way to use cold mail is to invest some of your time in personalization.

Should you write a different email for each prospect?

Not! We know that, despite being the best scenario, this would be impossible, especially when we think about models that must be scalable.

What we recommend is that you write a template that can be customized for different scenarios. Thus, you gain a little more agility and automation, making your process efficient.

Best practices for your cold mail

  • Create a good impression and facilitate rapport;
  • Give credibility and security to the prospect;
  • Use information from the business intelligence team to set the tone for exclusivity;
  • Remember to create hooks to start a dialogue with the prospect and see if there is a pain so you can offer a solution.

Emails are not just for prospecting!

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to develop emails throughout your sales process, going through each of the steps with the lead.

Your goal should always be to keep the lead engaged, not letting it slip through any of the holes you might find along your funnel.