Climber Strategy: Bringing Outbound and Inbound Together to Continuously Generate More Leads

There is a legend that inbound (passive prospecting) and outbound (active prospecting) are two antagonistic strategies.

The truth is, both are excellent solutions for generating qualified leads.

You know that expression “opposites attract”?

That’s what happens when these two marketing strategies are unified into a single solution. Both become even more powerful to scale sales, especially in B2B companies.

I imagine you must be asking:

If outbound’s main feature is to generate leads quickly, why do I need inbound?

That’s exactly what I’m going to explain in today’s article, and show you how you can implement these strategies in your company. Come on?

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B2B Sales in the Digital Age

First of all, it’s important to put it in context.

It sounds bizarre, but even with the brutal changes in consumer habits due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many B2B companies are still stuck in old prospecting processes.

Why does it happen?

It is natural that large and medium-sized corporations are attached to lead generation formulas that worked in the past.

But the truth is that times have changed and, above all, so have customers. They are more demanding, expect more personalized communication and a memorable experience with the brand.

Reaching potential customers is getting harder and harder.

Today, the customer experience is a key part of the sales area. The competitive edge lies in knowing and connecting with consumers in an innovative way.

No wonder that, according to the IDC (International Data Corporation), ⅔ of the CEOs of companies that emerged after 2000 have digital transformation at the center of corporate strategy.

Your lead doesn’t want to receive general calls or contacts from strangers, whether at work or at home, which is considered invasive and annoying.

Your potential customer expects to be approached at the right time with a relevant context, an approach that brings a solution, not just a sale.

Don’t leave any inbound leads behind

In this competitive and uninviting scenario for sales, B2B companies are forced to reinvent themselves.

Betting on a unified digital marketing strategy, with outbound and inbound as the only solution, makes your business more prepared to continuously conquer qualified leads.

While outbound captures leads and qualifies them for the commercial area, inbound attracts MQLs. In a few months, you can have more assertive results with your Y sales funnel activated.

Not to mention that potential customers who were not ready to sell and were approached by the outbound can be directed towards lead nurturing.

With this, you can generate qualified leads continuously and permanently, increasing your company’s sales month by month.

Of course, all communication needs to be properly integrated and connected.

The second edition of the State of the Connected Customer report, conducted by Salesforce Research, says:

70% of customers say that connected processes, such as seamless service transfers or contextualized engagement, are very important for them to close the deal.

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Climber: Unified Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

At ASB Marketing, an agency specializing in scaling sales results, we implemented a strategy called Climber, which aims to make a link between inbound and outbound to leverage your sales.

The outbound method, or hunter, as we call it, uses new technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence and social selling, to locate and have complete information about the potential customer.

Those responsible for this step make up the Commercial Intelligence team of your outbound process, essential for raising lists of qualified smart leads.

With this information, Prospectors develop more assertive prospecting emails that generate a connection with leads.

Only when the potential customer shows interest do we forward the contact to the sellers.

This way, they only have the job of qualifying the leads by maturity in the Farmer stage, presenting the product, presenting the proposal and closing the opportunity.

Remember, no opportunity can be missed.

Thus, we take leads through the stages of the buying journey, qualifying them and turning a possible no into a future sales opportunity.

With this, you get as many opportunities as possible, in addition to creating predictable results.

100% growth in less than 6 months

With the Climber strategy, we at ABS Marketing have grown exponentially.

In less than 6 months, we were able to increase the number of customers by 100% and maintain retention at 95%. These results were published in a recent article on

One of our clients, Dolly , also felt the effects of a well-structured inbound + outbound strategy. In less than a month, the startup got 541 qualified leads.

You can check all this data in this success case about Docly.

Now that you know our way to continuously generate qualified leads, it’s time to scale your sales with unified marketing strategies.