Fantastic Clients And How To Find Them

You know the wizarding universe created by JK Rowling, right? The Harry Potter saga was the biggest hit in the 1990s/2000s and has thousands of fans all over the world! I grew up following the stories myself and do marathon movies several times a year. #SlytherinPride

In “Fantastic animals and where they live”, recently released in theaters, we can kill a little of the nostalgia by following the adventures of wizard wizard Newt Scamander, which take place 70 years before Harry Potter.

Newt is invited by Obscurus Books to write a book about rare and endangered animal species. He then travels the world, studying the fantastic animals up close and gaining their confidence. In other words, a super professional dedicated to getting more and more creatures.

Just as Newt is dedicated to the task given by Obscurus Books, you can have a professional dedicated to finding, approaching and winning new clients for your company.

If you don’t know what prospecting is, how a prospector can help you find more customers or have gaps in your strategy, this is the right post for you.

I selected the best texts from our blog on the subject and divided them into sections, to facilitate your learning and help optimize your business process. Here we go?

Going out looking for  fantastic customers

  • Prospecting for clients: what it is and how to do it  – Learn the best process for finding fantastic clients.
  • What is a prospect persona and its differences from inbound  – So you know which type of fantastic customer will guide your search.
  • Outbound and Inbound prospecting: from creation to integration  – Joining two strategies you get many more fantastic customers!
  • How to win your first 10 customers  – By winning your first fantastic customers, you will attract the others more easily.
  • How to Attract Customers: Definitive Prospector  Guide – This guide will be your best partner during this journey.

The best tools for your mission!

  • Better Tools for Prospecting and Business Intelligence  – Impossible to go looking for fantastic customers without a good wand.
  • [Spreadsheet] Prospecting for Clients  – Every hunter needs to take note of their encounters! 😉

Finding Fantastic  Customers  By Email

  • The Basic Guide to Cold Mailing  – Playing the Bait to Attract That Rare Customer…
  • How to use mental triggers in your prospecting emails – Engage customers with a magic email!

Finding Fantastic Customers by Phone

  • The Basics Guide to Cold Calling  – Here you learn to earn the trust of even dying customers!
  • Gatekeepers in Sales: Guide to  Getting Through This Obstacle – Getting over the obstacles to get to the place where the customer is hiding.

Finding Fantastic  Customers  on Social Media

Here you will learn how to find and win over customers who inhabit the most dangerous and distant lands in the world – the internet.

OTB Tips for Finding Clients Like a Professional Magizoologist  !

  • 21 tips on how to prospect customers and sell more  – Now that you know how to find it, it’s time to perfect your methods!
  • 7 Tips for Selling to Difficult Customers  – Master the art of winning the wildest fantastic customers!


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