How does Home Office work in sales?

How to work if you can’t trust the data?

94% of managers do not trust the indicators.

See how Home Office in sales can be a source of productivity with this sales principle.

What is the challenge of Home Office in sales?

With the lack of in-person interaction, we know that the dependence on visibility has increased more and more.

However, 94% of the managers still did not trust the indicators on a face-to-face basis.

The manager doesn’t know what to do without the data. Or he works based on the feeling he so criticizes when his salespeople don’t take a technical approach.

Or this manager will charge more for completing tasks in anticipation of having this visibility. But we know that this commercial operation needs to be focused on sales, or consequently on qualification.

So while the team increasingly delays tasks and lets leads get lost over the course of the month, employees are also lost.

There was a lack of motivation in all front lines of the company, added to possible difficulties in concentrating on the home office.

Lack of sales engagement makes the home office difficult

20% of the time is spent completing tasks in the commercial operation, ie: one day EVERY week, one week EVERY month and 2 months a year.

The whole operation suffers because it’s a very manual process. So, without effective management, there is no favorable direction, there is no visibility.

All of this is because there is no visibility, because there is no data-focused approach, because there is no productivity in decision making.

Overdue tasks in CRM raise the following question:

Does this buyer not evolve in the funnel because my team didn’t follow up enough or because my approach is bad?

Few meetings on the agenda is lack of follow-up, or lack of approach on the part of sellers.

These doubts are in the head because there is no visibility of the process.

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Sales Engagement as a Solution for Active Sales Home Office Work

Sales Engagement brings visibility, in the micro and macro of your process.

A visibility of indicators that will enable you to manage the secure identification of commercial bottlenecks and the performance of the commercial team.

Visibility that allows the organization and alignment of the vectors of the entire operation or even the strategy.

More assertive decisions being made possible from management, and targeted, more focused and proactive salespeople.

How to develop Sales Engagement

We always talk about the right technology stacks, as technology brings people and processes together.

The use of Sales Engagement allows the automation of the process to bring visibility while the quality of communication is the team’s responsibility and will be able to be done more efficiently.

There will be the use of triggers to automate processes, and make your team focus on those leads that are being worked, while returning at the ideal time, with leads that need to be resumed, and these triggers will bring greater visibility even even in your biggest losses from your trading funnel.

You will also never have tasks late again, the salesperson will lead tasks and never the other way around.

With the use of Sales Engagement you will have the possibility of using pre-planned templates and semi-automated flows to ensure the quality of communication.

Why a custom process should be done throughout the lead dealing journey.

With the use of Sales Engagement you will have clear KPI`s definitions, micro and macro.

Macro Visibility (Dealflow)

Consequently you will have an Eisenhower Matrix applied to sales.

Managers lead the process from the deal flow. Dealflow guides decision making and urgent and important actions.

Micro Visibility 

Autonomy and speed of the team in smaller changes than the manager does not always have time to look at the Task analytics

Where you can see the volume of flows, daily and weekly goal tracking, team incentive, flow conversion, quality and impact of touchpoints, action management and team alignment based on data, Driven Coaching metrics.


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