How Skrapp Can Help You Generate Rich Lead Lists

If you work in business intelligence, like me, part of your routine is probably spent looking for ways to automate your process.

In addition, we also spend some time trying to find tools that can increase our efficiency without compromising the quality of the leads generated.

The tool that we are going to evaluate in this review can help you with that.

Come with me!

What does Skrapp do?

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Skrapp is a simple and easy-to-use tool that basically has four features:

  • Search for emails through LinkedIn profile or a mass search using Sales Navigator;
  • Export and storage of leads;
  • Lead management through the tool’s dashboard;
  • Integration with CRMs through its API.

LinkedIn Email Search

To use this feature it is necessary to install the Skrapp extension for Google Chrome, which will create a button on LinkedIn that will allow you to search for emails, in bulk or individually.

Exporting and storing leads

This is the feature I find most interesting in Skrapp!

With it I can bulk export the information captured on the LinkedIn leads profiles and save it in a .csv document.

After setting the search criteria according to my ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), Sales Navigator presents several pages of results.

Using this Skrapp functionality I can get data such as: first name, last name, domain, emails (when found), profile link, size, segment, among others.

From there, just use the information provided and generate a richer list of leads for the sales team.

In addition to exporting in .csv, leads can be found in the tool’s dashboard.

Management of leads on the dashboard

The Skrapp dashboard has some basic lead management options.

Among them the most important are: export only leads with emails, import .csv files with data to search for emails, among others.

How much?

Skrapp has monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual credit plans.

Among the monthly plans, the tool offers a free plan with 150 credits.

The other monthly plans range from US$39 to US$149 per 1000 to 20000 credits, respectively.

The other plans can be configured on the website, just choose between them according to your needs. They range from 200 to 50,000 monthly credits.

Credits are charged according to the number of emails found, and for each email you spend 1 credit.

Data export is free, but there are limitations in the Free plan.

What do we love?

  • Convenience to export leads in bulk;
  • It only discounts your credits for the emails found, but it brings all the other information available in the lead profile.

What can you improve?

  • Part of the emails found are personal emails;
  • Emails found by Skrapp have low reliability.

Skrapp Review

Skrapp is a tool that can be useful to assist in business intelligence processes that need to generate leads in large quantities with quality.

In addition, it automatically provides a lot of good information, which can save you a lot of time out of your day.

To generate emails the tool is not the most suitable, but the data exported with Skrapp can automate part of your email search process.

Just use complementary tools like or FindThatLead. In fact, they have already been through our review here!