How to increase sales force productivity? 5 powerful tips

In a competitive landscape, more and more companies are looking for different ways to stand out.

Among many, having a talented sales team with high performance is one of them. But building the best team and increasing the productivity of your sales team is not always an easy task.

Before even thinking about converting the lead, one of the challenges is to have professionals from the commercial area who adhere to the company’s organizational culture.

This factor is decisive for the engagement and motivation of these professionals.

In practice, during the sales journey, one of the most important steps is the definition of clear processes that guide the team to keep the lead engaged until conversion.

However, in addition to these, there are other essential practices to increase the productivity of your sales team and ensure the success of your brand.

Want to know what they are? Keep reading this article!

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  1. To get started, get to know Outbound 2.0
  2. Tip #1: Review sales planning
  3. Tip #2: Invest in training
  4. Tip #3: Count on good work tools
  5. Tip #4: Monitor team performance
  6. Tip #5: Master the 4 Pillars of Sales Productivity

To get started, get to know Outbound 2.0

Do you already know the strategy created by Aaron Ross, Salesforce Sales Team Manager?

He conceptualized the new outbound marketing taking as a starting point the segmentation and specialization of the sales team.

Basically, the solution consists of a team made up of salespeople focused on three levels:

  • Commercial Intelligence: professionals who generate prospecting lists, evaluate competitors, develop sales arguments and identify decision makers ( smart lead );
  • Prospector/Hunter: they are the ones who make the first contact with potential customers, conducting the qualification of the lead by email and calls;
  • Sellers/Closers: are responsible for negotiating, closing sales and signing contracts.

Outbound 2.0 in practice: Using Outbound 2.0 you leverage the skills of salespeople who have different profiles.

While some feel more secure in prospecting, others rock out in closing deals and, thus, everyone wins.

Tip #1: Review sales planning

To increase the productivity of your sales team, the first step is to review the plan. At this point, one of the important steps is to verify that there are no flaws in the definition of personas and the ideal customer profile.

After all, is your sales team communicating with the right people?

It is also important to review strategic sales planning, adjusting goals, including metrics for monitoring, as well as standard procedures to be used in interfacing with customers.

All of this should help (a lot) to increase the productivity of the sales team, in addition to strengthening the strategy of the communication and marketing areas .

Tip #2: Invest in training

In the previous topic we talked about the importance of standard procedures. However, you will only be able to implement them successfully if you invest in training.

In this way it will also be possible to establish the level of quality you want in the service.

In addition, training allows sales professionals to develop new skills and competencies in a journey of continuous learning and growth.

You will then record the results of that investment by identifying increased sales and profitability.

Tip #3: Count on good work tools

When thinking about a strategy to increase the productivity of your sales team, it is essential that you analyze the possibility of adopting disruptive tools to simplify and optimize processes.

Technology is one of the greatest allies to ensure increased sales force productivity .

Currently, there are already many resources that can help the team, encouraging the improvement of the professionals’ performance. See some of them:

  • Quality computers;
  • Internet with adequate speed;
  • Video conference meetings;
  • Use of modern applications and systems.

Furthermore, it is important to invest in software that facilitates the management of leads , as well as the management of the company’s team and process flow .

Tip #4: Monitor team performance

OK! We know you want to increase your sales force’s productivity. The question is: what is the starting point?

In other words, do you know exactly what your team’s current performance is? If not, it is essential to start monitoring and measuring !

Without this performance Omonitoring, it is impossible to assess whether the new strategy designed is bringing effective and expressive results or not.

Therefore, define appropriate metrics to monitor the productivity of individual salespeople as well as the sales force in general.

Thus, you will be able to map possible mistakes and successes, adjusting in time to ensure increasingly positive results.

Tip #5: Master the 4 Pillars of Sales Productivity

In summary, currently, managers need to base their commercial strategy based on 4 essential pillars to increase the productivity of the sales team.

Check each of them below:

#1 people

It is essential to know the individual and collective skills of those involved and encourage the development of each one of them.

#2 Processes

Whenever well designed, they guide salespeople from strategy to execution, making the team’s performance more assertive.

With a clear sales method, salespeople are able to follow it and reach the goal more quickly. It is therefore essential to have a well-defined and automated sales funnel.

#3 Management

Optimal management of the sales area requires the ability to plan strategies, processes and how to carry out these activities.

The work of the sales manager involves 4 central axes:

  • Self management;
  • Relationship management;
  • Business management;
  • Execution management.

#4 Technology

More and more processes are being automated in companies. The rule also applies to the sales and marketing sectors .

Both are able to optimize time, reduce costs and facilitate daily tasks using, for example, marketing automation software, CRMs, sales engagement platforms and management systems .

This guest post was produced by Operand , a company from Joinville-SC that has a simplified project management software. Operand helps Advertising, Communication, Digital Marketing, Marketing Teams and other types of businesses and teams to optimize their management and improve their productivity.