How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Multiply Your Smart Lead Lists

Have you ever used Linkedin to search for a lead?

Well, then you’ve probably noticed that to consult a prospect’s profile, the simple LinkedIn search works perfectly.

But what about when you need to generate a list of smart leads in volume?

How do you want to search for companies of a specific segment and size?

If these and other issues related to prospecting permeate your day-to-day, come with me!

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  2. smart prospecting
  3. Integration with Salesforce
  4. Advanced Search with Lead Builder
  5. Lead Pages vs. Account Pages
  6. Don’t waste time with rework
  7. Real-time sales updates
  8. How much?
  9. What do we love?
  10. What can you improve?
  11. Plus: Sales Navigator Extension for Gmail

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Review

Today’s review is about a social selling tool offered by LinkedIn , the Sales Navigator.

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The LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be used to quickly search for the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) you defined and also interact with the posts and experiences of potential smart leads .

Because the tool is based on a LinkedIn algorithm, it suggests users with profiles that match those you’ve targeted or saved during your previous searches.

Well, let’s get down to business, what are the main functions of Sales Navigator?

smart prospecting

Smart recommendations and prospects that are based on saved history of preferences and prospects profiles.

Integration with Salesforce

Your sales prospecting tool and your CRM are now connected. Your contacts can be imported from Salesforce CRM into Sales Navigator.

There is a daily data synchronization that allows you to update the activities of leads that fit into your network profiles.

Advanced Search with Lead Builder

The Lead Builder is a feature where the prospect will work in practice.

It offers the possibility to segment your search using specific filters that direct your process.

Lead Pages vs. Account Pages

Sales Navigator divides profiles into leads, which are the pages of people who are subscribed to LinkedIn, and accounts, which are the pages of companies on LinkedIn.

But what’s the difference?

Searching for leads offers more filter options, enabling more specific prospecting. Searching by accounts includes fewer filter alternatives, but that doesn’t make it less efficient, it all depends on your process.



LinkedIn Sales Navigator also allows you to perform simple searches, which can be done using keywords or multiple terms in the same search.

Don’t waste time with rework

Sales Navigator allows you to save your search terms so you have more control over your process.

You can save this information from both your leads and account profiles.

This functionality can also be useful in the case of new searches where you can delete what has already been saved, connected and viewed.

Real-time sales updates

This function is intended to provide real-time insights into your potential customers.

How does this happen?

Well, on your home page the Sales Navigator displays:

  • Updates on your leads profile, new connections and job changes;
  • Shares, which subjects seem to interest your prospects the most and which are the updates to company profiles;
  • Media, when a smart lead is cited in the media.

How much?

Sales Navigator has three possible plans: Professional, Team and Enterprise. The Professional plan offers free trial and the Team and Enterprise plans offer a demo.

The Enterprise plan does not appear on the website as self-service. To know the values ​​for this plan, you must convert to a Sales Navigator landing page.

When contracting an annual plan you receive an automatic discount of up to 25% on the monthly plan monthly fee.

Instead of paying $299.99 per month on the Professional monthly plan, for example, you only pay $239.99 per month on the annual plan.

What do we love?

  • Simple usability;
  • Segmentation by filters;
  • Volume of information;
  • Possibilities of interaction with leads.

What can you improve?

  • Filters don’t work perfectly;
  • Provide more filter options;
  • Ensure minimal information listed in a profile.

Plus: Sales Navigator Exten