How to use your personas in Outbound Marketing

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  1. What are personas?
  2. How to apply them to my Outbound process?
  3. Product-Market Fit and Personas

What are personas?

Have you ever heard of Buyer Personas or Ideal Customer Profile? Briefly, they gather the general characteristics of your customers or interested in purchasing your product/service.

If you are not familiar with these concepts, I recommend reading the materials below before continuing:

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If you still don’t have personas drawn, you can use this tool provided by Rock Content and Digital Results:

[Rock Content/Digital Results] The Fantastic Persona Generator

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How to apply them to my Outbound process?

How to apply this concept to Outbound Marketing? First of all, your personas don’t change, but your understanding of them must be broadened.

The person responsible for Commercial Intelligence , within the Outbound process, is the one who aligns the contacts to be prospected with the company’s strategies, that is, every contact transferred to the SDRs must correspond to the personas drawn.

In Inbound, personas direct the production of content and dissemination, seeking to favor channels with greater traffic for the profile outlined.

In Outbound Marketing, your speech must be consistent with two points:

Problem solving

When we finalize the personas for our business, the most important information collected is the problems these people have. If your product doesn’t simplify the resolution of a problem or, better yet, it’s the solution to it, your sales pitch may generate some results, but your churn will be affected later on.

Connection Strategies

How you contact your prospect can make all the difference. In some markets, it can be difficult to be able to speak directly to the decision maker over the phone. How to do it then?

Your creativity and flexibility make the difference right now. A resilient SDR and Business Intelligence guidance can make a difference, as there are different profiles in the purchasing process , so you can search for the influencer over the phone, if there is greater availability, and reach the decision maker. Or send emails to the user and gain their attention, seeking a presentation to the decision maker (usually an area manager).

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Product-Market Fit and Personas

Product-Market Fit is the term most used by companies with innovative products or business models, as without it there will be no success. When companies find a very small fit or even no demand in the market, they end up closing their doors or pivoting, seeking to meet the demands they encountered along that path.

Sean Ellis, the man who coined the term “Growth Hacking” and helped, as VP of Marketing, lead two companies to the long-awaited IPO, has repeatedly pointed out that Product-Market Fit is a big differentiator for all start-up companies . It’s by finding your place in the market that you can quickly scale, slow down or avoid the growth of your competitors.

For him, a simple way to validate his product is to ask the right people, ie his personas, how disappointed they would be if they couldn’t have his product.

Possible answers are:

As he says, several companies he consults with come back from the survey very excited with results such as: “86% of people would like to have my product!”, but looking deeper, 80% would be disappointed and 6% would be very disappointed. . What this result says, in Ellis’ view, is that 80% of respondents rate their product as a nice-to-have and only 6% as a must-have.

This is the difference in your potential in Market Cap. With this analysis, you can go deeper and understand if the 6% with real Product-Market Fit have more mature processes and, therefore, need your product. Is there a tendency for the 80% interested to naturally transfer to that situation?

By ensuring that your product is a must-have, you already define how you help your customer and, therefore, you can direct your speech to those personas, ensuring greater effectiveness in your sales!

Have you defined your personas? Do you know how it helps them and if they consider it essential to achieving their goals? If not, you are missing the opportunity to make your sales process effective and making room for your competitor, with well-defined personas, to speak first with the market they are fighting for.–Online-and-Offline-Marketing-Tools-