[Infographic] Sales History: Understand how everything evolved!

How do we get to the current sales status? Do you have any idea? It may seem that some attributes of salespeople have always been valued throughout sales history, but this is not true.

There was once a time when cheating the customer was not an issue. Of course, there are still companies that do this, but in the past it was understood to be a real technique. Weird?

To learn more about the history of sales, follow it.

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  1. In the beginning of humanity, people exchanged
  2. In 5,000 BC, metals were first used as coins.
  3. In Brazil, the Portuguese bartered with the Indians
  4. Snake Oil Selling – With the Industrial Revolution (1700 – 1800), many sellers began to sell dreams, deceiving their customers
  5. In 1752 Benjamin Franklin founds an insurance company. A few years later, the insurance segment segments teams between Hunters and Farmers
  6. In 1886 the Piramid Selling model is created by John Patterson, who became known for making sales a recognized profession.
  7. At the First US Sales Congress in 1916, sellers were encouraged to seek consumer confidence in the Trust Based Selling model
  8. In 1924, IBM is a pioneer and begins to provide training for salespeople, differentiated commissions and hire the most promising professionals as soon as they leave college
  9. Starting in 1929, after the Great Depression, many people became door-to-door salespeople, using emotion for sales, as they lacked the training or skill to sell. This type of sale became known as Mood Selling
  10. From 1930 onwards, radio was used for sales, strengthening the companies’ brand, which became known as Brand Based Selling                                                              https://artdaily.cc/news/140094/How-to-Promote-Your-Property–Online-and-Offline-Marketing-Tools- 
  11. In 1936 the book “How to make friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie is released.
  12. In 1954 the AIDA model begins to be used as a methodology
  13. Between 1950 and 1960 TV began to be used heavily for sales
  14. In 1988 SPIN selling was proposed by Neil Rackham, developing the concept of Consultative Selling
  15. In 1993 Mike Bosworth released the book “Customer Centric Selling”, guiding sellers to approach their prospects to help them before seeking to sell
  16. In 2000, rise of .com companies and internet sales
  17. In 2005, the inbound marketing boom begins, measuring all the marketing process
  18. In 2011, Aaron Ross released his book “Predictable Revenue”, making room for the return in style of outbound sales
  19. In 2011, the book “The Challenger Sales: Take Control of the Customer Conversation”, by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson, was released.
  20. In 2012, IBM starts a Social Selling strategy, which proves to be successful and paves the way for other companies to apply the technique
  21. 2015 and the emergence of Sales Hackers, uniting sales and technology, especially in the SaaS market

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