Meet SalesHeroes: The Reev Sales Community

Nothing like a story to better understand why we created Salesheroes.

From the beginning with Outbound Marketing and Reev, we carried out the mission of bringing the best sales practices to the market!

I’m sure this is easily seen in our blog content, our free sales certifications, the Reev Academy, our Partner Program and countless other actions that our marketing team does.

As a company that focuses on delivering the best, we are always looking to evolve and find the best ways to help you, the sales professional, grow.

About 1 year ago in one of our internal meetings, we asked the following question:

How can we go beyond everything we’ve already delivered today?

It was talking with the market and validating several hypotheses that we reached the conclusion: a sales community! 

I am a person who always seeks to build relationships wherever I go. I see in people the opportunity to not only evolve my professional and personal side, but also a way for me to contribute to the evolution of others.

More than a year and a half ago, I started my sales career here at Reev’s Partnership Program, there I gave everything I had to build and execute our entire sales process.

I had a hard time making prospecting calls, I was very happy to see that it was evolving and being able to take on other stages of the process (such as sending proposals and closing partnerships).

Today, I feel completely fulfilled having had the opportunity to really help the people I’ve worked with improve their bottom line, whether it’s my co-workers, the partners I’ve brought to Reev, or even the customers that these companies serve.

That’s how I realized that the more I communicated with different people and in different scenarios, the more I could suggest improvements for them and the more experienced I got.

Looking at this I realized that there was a great synergy in all of my work with the purpose of a community: to make you, as a sales professional, find your best version.

And after months of study, planning and building from scratch, I’m delighted to be able to announce and join you in the newest Sales Community created by Reev for you, SalesHeroes.

The Realtor’s Practical Guide to Being the Best in the Area

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  1. Why join?
  2. Who can participate?
  3. How to be a part?

Why join?

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the Flipchart Friday that I talked about community, I gave some tips on how to choose the ideal sales community for you.

The key is to have clear what your goals are when you are part of a group!

From my side, what I can do is tell you part of what you will find at SalesHeroes.

The entire ecosystem was prepared so that you can meet professionals who work in different segments than yours and do that high level networking, and of course, with this you will be able to open many doors for your career.

In addition, all your interaction, whether with questions and/or answers, will open up unique opportunities for discussion on various topics.

For example, how to improve an email template, which technique to use, how to close the door and much more!

Still, that’s not all, our community is made for you. This means that you should feel free to create new discussion threads there and leave your opinion on every topic we’re going to discuss!

The big question is that the more I can relate to, the greater the gain for your evolution as a professional and the closer you will be to effectively becoming a SALESHERO 😀

Who can participate?

Sales professionals!

All salespeople, SDRs and sales managers who intend to grow as a professional in the area (whether or not they are Reev customers) will be able to register with us.

Everyone is very welcome to join us, ask many questions and also be able to answer them 😀

How to be a part?

In order for you to be part of the team, you must pre-register through the SalesHeroes website.

From there, our team will analyze your profile to identify if our community is the ideal space for you to grow as a professional. The purpose of this first review is to ensure that our ecosystem will be made up of people who share a common purpose!

All those approved, within a few days, will receive an email with an access link to create a login.

Once that’s done, just start sharing a little bit of your day-to-day sales with us 🙂

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