New qualifications: Connected and Client

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If you have already attended our course on Sales Engagement, which can be accessed here , you will see that 80% of sales require at least 5 follow ups for them to be achieved.

That is, throughout the sales cycle, the salesperson has several touchpoints with the lead.
Furthermore, it is necessary to create several cadence flows, which can be: prospecting flows, pre-call flows, qualification flows, among others.

Therefore, we saw here in Reev that, when advancing the lead through the stages of the sales cycle, it is better that it be qualified as “Connected”.

The Connected qualification is a green light for the lead to move forward in the sales process, whether from a prospect flow to a pre-call flow, or from a pre-call flow to a qualification flow, or other flows in which the lead needs to move forward for the actual sale to occur.

So now, in all places where there was the qualification of Opportunity, we have in place the qualification of Conectado 🙂

Customer Qualification

Another qualification we created is the Customer, which represents when a lead actually becomes a customer.

The ability to enter the Customer qualification into Reev has the following benefits:

  • Prevents leads from being contacted in duplicate, even after becoming customers;
  • It facilitates the company’s Customer Success team to contact customers to upsell.

So now it is also possible to qualify a contact as a Customer on Reev!

Real Estate Marketing in the Digital Era

But I only use Reev for prospecting…

So you’re not using the full potential of Reev =p

In our Sales Engagement course, we talk about cadence flows that can be used throughout the sales cycle. All of these streams can be created in Reev.

But why would I do that?

One of the biggest difficulties we see in sales teams is keeping the CRM up to date.

Another important point we raised in the Sales Engagement course is that 94% of managers do not believe in the indicators they have at hand, usually data extracted from CRM.

Why this distrust? We know it’s quite difficult to keep CRM 100% up to date.

Usually, sellers spend a lot of time without updating the deals in CRM and when the manager goes to look at the data, few are consistent with reality.

In a Sales Engagement tool , data updates occur as the lead progresses through the process. That is, the information is updated in real-time.
This is because when a lead gives a “yes” to the salesperson, it already marks that lead as connected and passes it to a more advanced flow within the funnel.

When the manager wants to check how mature that lead is for the sale, just check which flow he is in to get this information.

Thus, it is essential to create baton flows, champion letter flows, close flows and others that are further along the sales funnel.

In summary, here are the advantages of using Reev until your lead becomes a customer:

  • The data is more reliable as it is updated in real time by the seller;
  • The seller finds it easier to keep their process organized;
  • You ensure that leads don’t “leak” from your funnel during more advanced stages of your funnel, as you can create recovery, re-engagement and other flows, which bring the lead’s attention back to you if it disengages midway through the process;
  • You increase your efficiency with fewer clicks and time spent completing the sale.

So if you don’t use Reev yet for more advanced steps in the funnel, why not think about it? 😉

How to View and Qualify a Contact as Connected on Reev

You can qualify a lead as Connected on Reev in all places where you could qualify it as an opportunity.

  • within contact
  • On the basis of contacts
  • in the flow
  • On VoIP

With regards to viewing, where you could view Opportunity, you can now view Connections.

  • Dashboard Header
  • Funnel
  • Last Connections Table

Regarding the visualization, it can be seen in the header of the Dashboard:

Impact of Customer Qualification on Integration with Pipedrive

Customer qualification on Reev also impacts integration with Pipedrive. When marking a contact as a Customer in Reev, the existing Deal in Pipedrive is classified as Won/Gain.

If the Deal does not already exist in Pipedrive, it is created with that rating.

In other words: the information will be updated in both tools 🙂


With the new Connected and Customer qualifications, Reev’s communication becomes clearer and more assertive, in order to make more sense in the cadence flows and make it easier for you to use Reev throughout the sales cycle!

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