Salesheroes Podcast #11 |4 Tips for Super Advisory Sales

Salesheroes Podcast #11 |4 Tips for Super Advisory Sales

This is the SalesHeroes podcast, bringing superpowers to sales professionals.

Who came here today is Kelmer, one of the founders of the Bowe Agency. Be very welcome!

He came to talk about a very sensitive and very important subject, and he will start by explaining to us what this type of sale is and then explaining the 4 tips for super consultative sales.

What is a super consultative sale?

Super consultative selling starts when the opportunity arises and you will need to customize something to be able to serve your customer, that is, it is highly customized.

In these cases, you will have to make a very thorough diagnosis and, for that, you need to build a relationship of trust and transparency.

In addition, they are usually made up of more technical proposals, have a longer sales cycle and, consequently, the ticket tends to be higher.

As a very complete digital agency, we know that you work in a process where being highly consultative is already normal, correct?

That’s why I want to know right away what these 4 tips you have to tell us are!

4 tips for super consultative sales

#1 Input channels

As much as we study that we cannot depend only on our ecosystem to generate business opportunities, we know that we cannot stop building networks of contacts, networking.

Some people have the gift of building relationships naturally, but we know that this is not the case for everyone and it was not mine :/

From then on, it was really hard for me!

My tip for you to know how to make these openings is to participate in the famous events for card exchanges and, of course, do this uninhibitedly until it becomes natural.

Also, look for groups and ecosystems like SalesHeroes to be a part of, but not to join in and be blatantly trying to sell.

In these cases, the first thing you have to do is understand the rules and add something to the group.

And of course, remember that sometimes you will make a contact that will not buy from you, but it can refer you to several other opportunities.

I joke that it’s the social engineering of making friends 😀

Finally, the message I want to convey here is that there is no way to talk about opening a complex business without talking about networking.

#2 Inbound 

Everyone knows that inbound is nothing new to anyone thanks to the excellent work of RD Station and I couldn’t fail to mention it.

Now, the Inbound adapted for this type of sale will depend a lot on the level of authority you will be able to generate through this strategy.

Today, at Bowe, we deal a lot with this topic and what we say a lot is that the important thing is to do it well structured, that is, to be looking for your brand’s digital relevance indicator.

This is nothing more than a way to build trust in opportunities in the digital environment!

Even amending for the next tip that has a good intersection with everything we talk about here, which is Outbound Marketing and where I see this connection is when we talk about ABM.

ABM (account-based marketing) is nothing more than a marketing methodology that will help you reach more specific accounts.

#3 Outbound 

Outbound here needs to be taken to the most basic part of the entire process, which is picking up the phone and calling, but of course we know that it’s not just that!

To be successful here, the most important thing is that you have your ideal client profile well defined so that you know: which companies you should work for and when the process of opening competition will be done.

There is usually a positive openness with relationships because at first you don’t approach with the intention of selling anything, so you reduce the risk of resistance from the other side to receive their contact.

I’m going to bring the basics here so that I can intensify what is essential, but if you want to go deeper into the subject you’re in the right place, here at Reev they are experts at it.

#4 Touchpoints

This tip has a lot to do with the issue of the long sales cycle and what will dictate success is how actions are made to contact each opportunity.

And here I wanted to highlight the alignment of next steps, which is also a basic tip for any process.

Once this is done, it is worth remembering that the management of all this is extremely important and that it must be done using specific tools.

I think that here, it also has a lot to do with the methodologies you use throughout your process. We have several such as the GPCTBA C&I, a qualification framework.

And finally, the idea is to mix it all together to build your ideal process.

Start by implementing the basics, track and drive continuous improvements within it.