Some Tips For Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Tips For Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter has shown to be one of the most effective ways to advertise a business, and I’ve made more sales on Twitter than any other social media business account!

Complete your profile (don’t forget to include your website; driving traffic to your site is critical.)

Don’t not buy followers. I’ve heard that buying followers will help you obtain more followers faster. Buying followers, on the other hand, is a negative move for your business, in my opinion! It may appear like you have a large number of followers on your page, but there will be no engagement, and it will be difficult for you to locate and communicate effectively with your true fans! The majority of success stories on twitter revolve around a consistent effort of following actual people and hoping for a followback. Follow 500 people per day, then unfollow anyone who don’t follow you back within 4–5 days. Rinse. Repeat.

On automation, beware. When I first started getting new followers, I attempted physical direct messaging and got amazing and quick responses as well as a genuine relationship. I got weary of doing things manually, so I turned to a tool, crowdfire to be precise. It’s a useful tool, but it appears unprofessional because I was only using the free account, therefore my message ends with -@crowdfire. I haven’t gotten any replies since I started auto direct messaging, and if I have, it’s always a promotion for other people, and I never get an interaction. So, be cautious about automating things; if you want to remove the -@crowdfire, you’ll have to pay for the tool to make it look like a personal message to your new followers.

Focus on the type of tweets you’re tweeting. Will you tweet a “text,” “image,” or “infographics”? If you’re going to tweet a text, be consistent; if you’re going to tweet an image, be consistent; and if you’re going to twitter an infographic, be consistent. Concentrate on that. Mixing tweets doesn’t look nice on a timeline, and you’re driving people away. Make it more appealing. Let’s say you want to tweet an image; if you’re tweeting text, you might be able to do it once or twice a week.

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A lot of interaction is required. As much as possible, interact with your followers. When they tweet you, respond to them.

Influencers to reach Influencers in your field should be followed. Make a point of mentioning them in your tweets. Speak with them.

Apply tools. As previously said, I failed to use the tool because I was unwilling to pay for it. If you want to automate things, you’ll have to pay a premium to make your message appear personalized. Hootsuite allows you to schedule many tweets at once.

Use your personality. Be true to yourself. Sending long messages is not a good idea. Simply keep it short and easy, and seem as if you’re having a conversation, and sales will take care of themselves.