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One of the most common requests that readers make to us is related to an area that better organizes the blog posts.

What a lot of people don’t know is that we are internally organized and we have different categories for the articles we publish here.

To help organize and ensure that a lot of quality content doesn’t get lost in the confines of the furthest pages, we’ve decided to put this topic-based content for you here!

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Outbound Marketing

Process Structuring and Management

Sales Pillars: Personas and Shopping Journey

Sales Pillars: Qualification Matrix and Sales Funnel

The 4 Pillars of Sales

Customer prospecting manual – how to increase revenue by more than 30% – part 1

Customer prospecting manual – how to increase revenue by more than 30% – part 2

Sales cycle reduction

Cadence Flow: you’re selling wrong if you don’t have one

sales coaching

Guide on how to build your Outbound team

Sales commission: how to structure the commissioning strategy

Why You Must Achieve Predictability in Sales

Main Outbound Indicators

What are Leads: know everything you need

Crisis Management: how the best managers act

Marketing Strategy: Learn How to Thrive

Sales Process: How Yours Can Kill Your Company

How to sell more with less?

Marketing Strategies: what every professional needs to know in 2016

Understanding the sales process

How to assemble your sales script in Outbound Marketing

Business Intelligence – Contact Base

6 Essential Tools to Attract Customers

Business Intelligence: The Strategy Behind Prospecting Lists

How to find the correct email

Commercial Intelligence – How it came about

How to prospect up to 200% more contacts

Main Outbound Indicators

The evolution of Outbound

Email List: Find Out What Really Matters

Prospecting – Connection

Definitive Prospector Guide

The anatomy of the ideal prospecting email

Organizing your follow-up strategy

Successful prospecting case

How to prospect up to 200% more contacts

Applying SPIN Selling to Outbound Sales

Active Prospecting – How to find the right email

SDR – Lead Qualification

How does the SDR work

What Does a Sales Consultant Do?

Organizing your follow up strategy

Road Map to Close – The Outbound SLA

GPCT – How to sell more and better

Lead Qualification: start selling like a real professional

Lead Qualification: how to search for the right profile

Qualification by Profile: 3 foolproof steps

Qualification of Leads: when to submit a proposal?

How to do real estate marketing: traditional and digital

Sales – Closing

Inside Sales – Hacks to sell more

How to Overcome Objection in Sales

4 sales techniques to avoid discounts

How to be a good salesperson

Applying SPIN Selling to Outbound Sales

NLP Techniques in Outbound Sales

3 hacks for a more efficient FUP

Sales Techniques: Challenger Sales in 10 Minutes

Overlapping fear and doubt in a sale

Buying Decision: how fear dominates reason

Champion Letter: the follow up of champions

And when is it time to let go? Create Your Goodbye Email

Marketing & Sales Hiring

3 Mistakes When Hiring Sellers

Sales VP: when to hire the first

Sales Manager: 4 Signs Someone Should Be Fired

6 sellers you shouldn’t hire

Outbound sales: how to make an effective selection process?

How to hire for my Outbound team

How to find talent in Outbound Marketing?

Marketing Analyst: How has it evolved in modern times?


Step by Step for a Killer Sales Roadmap

6 tips to start your outbound team

Sales Course: How to Structure Your Outbound Team in 2 Weeks

How to say goodbye to your leads

Simple Sales vs. Complex Sales

How to answer the top 3 sales objections

6 Essential Tools to Attract Customers

Fear: how it influences a sale

Sales Planning: How SDR Increases Your Conversion By Over 200%

3 Mistakes That Take A Sales Manager’s Job

What is the CEO’s role in sales?

What Does a Sales Consultant Do?

Business Intelligence Revolution


Marketing 2.0 Course – Inbound

7 Key Differences Between Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Marketing Mix: how to unite Inbound and Outbound

Traditional Marketing – Origins of Outbound and Inbound

5 scenarios where Inbound hinders your business growth

Bringing Outbound and Inbound together: how to get the best results


Viral Marketing: Advantages, Disadvantages and Tips in 10 Minutes

Sales Course: When Doing One Is Not The Best Way

Outbounders Interview: William Maruiama

B2B Marketing in Modern Times

Digital Marketing Glossary: ​​32 Terms You Need to Know

The 20 best selling blogs for you to follow

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OK! It’s a lot of content and we will update it from time to time to keep all the articles on the blog. It may be that new categories will appear or even that all the current ones will be reformulated, but we hope that, for now, this compilation will help you find yourself here on the blog.

The more the content interests you and you can read it, the better!

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