[The Sales Follow Up T1 EP4] Bowling Pins, Narcos and Gratitude – Bruno Veloso | Head of Sales at Dito

Today’s The Sales Follow Up is with Bruno Veloso, Head of Sales at Dito.

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Bruno has been working in sales for over 12 years and has worked at different companies throughout his career.

He even opened a communication agency in Belo Horizonte. Although it didn’t work out very well, it was the gateway to the technology market.

Now, in 2018, he accepted the challenge proposed by André Fonseca, co-founder of Dito, and assumed the position of Head of Sales at Dito, a company in which he has been building his career for the last 3 years.

The said is a focused CRM B2C working customer retention in retail.


Dito’s objective is to empower its customers so that they can work better on the lead base, generating more quality in the relationship and, consequently, an increase in revenue.

Veloso’s trajectory:

  • At 18, he started working in sales at a medical supplies company;
  • The communication agency;
  • 3 years ago, when he started working as a salesperson at Dito, the process was completely different from what we have today.


  • A CRM that works with retail retention, solving problems for B2C companies that are looking for greater customer engagement;
  • How it has managed to double its sales targets annually since 2015;
  • The segmented sales team Dito, which currently has 12 people;
  • The outbound-focused prospecting model;
  • How inbound has started to pull today, through long-tail keywords and through the reach of the Dito brand.

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Outbound Process at Dito:

  • Inside Sales + Field Sales, why is the hybrid process important given the high complexity and medium ticket in some scenarios?
  • Does Field Sales lengthen the sales cycle?
  • Network = Top-down | Outbound = Bottom-up;
  • The importance of involving the entire team throughout the sale to increase engagement and decrease tool churn ;
  • Differentiated approaches for each influencer involved in the decision process so that they really see value in the solution;
  • The Bowling Pins Strategy;
  • The monitoring of the sales professional does not end when a contract is signed at Dito, it is necessary to accompany the customer in the first months to reduce possible friction;
  • The difficulties of working in a market for false prophets;
  • Operational efficiency x Black box, the magic tools.

Sales team training:

  • Shadow Process, a salesperson follows the other, as if he were a shadow until he is able to perform his tasks alone;
  • Exchange of experiences;
  • Each company has a purchasing process, it is necessary to understand the steps of this process before considering the contract closed;
  • Work on fear and anxiety in the team so that these factors do not negatively influence the sale.

The biggest lessons:

  • The importance of testing, making mistakes and thus evolving;
  • The importance of reworking deals that have been marked as lost;
  • The challenges of negotiating with a prospect who is experienced in negotiation processes and has a greater natural anchorage;
  • Transparency and commitment are the foundations of a sales process;
  • Bringing other teams, such as customer success and product, to Dito’s sales process has been a differential to add value to leads.

This was our fourth The Sales Follow Up.

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